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What opportunities will the "national uniform market" bring to the school uniform customisation indu

The supply-side reform has been effective and the school uniform customisation industry continues to look good.
   In China, school uniforms are likened to the "second skin" of students, but over the years they have been labelled as "toxic", "ugly" and "poor " labels. In response to this situation, in 2015 four ministries jointly issued the Opinions on Further Strengthening the Management of School Uniforms for Primary and Secondary School Students and the GB/T 31888-2015 National Standard for School Uniforms for Primary and Secondary School Students. The promulgation and implementation of the two documents promoted the supply-side reform of the school uniform customisation industry. The quality of school uniforms has been more strictly regulated everywhere, the safety of school uniforms has been guaranteed and the style and design of school uniforms has also made significant progress. In recent years, school uniforms in China's campuses have gradually said goodbye to the flimsy look of the past. More and more beautiful school uniforms are appearing on campuses, and the energy and confidence of students is becoming increasingly prominent.
In terms of the quality of school uniforms, according to data released by the Market Supervision Administration of Hubei, Shandong and Sichuan provinces, the average pass rate reached over 91% in 2021, in stark contrast to the low pass rate of school uniforms prior to 2015.

Regarding the purchase of school uniforms, some economically developed regions such as Shanghai, Jiangsu and Guangdong have responded positively by formulating specific implementation opinions, standardising procedures and unifying procurement contracts according to local realities. More and more parents' committees are involved in the school uniform procurement process, showing a trend towards fairness, impartiality and openness.
    The backward production capacity driven by the policy is difficult to adapt to the new market situation.
    With the continuous improvement in the quality and aesthetics of customised school uniforms, the previously controversial school uniforms are now accepted and recognised by parents and society, with more and more people seeing them as an educational medium that plays an important role in fostering team spirit, aesthetic awareness and a sense of campus honour among students. And with the influence and promotion of policy documents, the fragmented, workshop-style business model of traditional school uniform companies is difficult to maintain. Branded school uniforms, which are in a period of accelerated change in the industry, have become more competitive with products, concepts and marketing methods that are more in line with the trend of consumer upgrading, opening up new market demand in niche markets.
   The construction of a national unified market will help school uniform companies to gain economies of scale and scope, so that large-scale oligopolies will emerge in the future. The future of competition in China is not fundamentalist market competition or oligopoly, but monopolistic competition or oligopoly competition, which is a sign of moving towards a market economy. Throughout the school uniform customisation industry, both upstream brands and downstream channels have been concentrating at the head in the past two years. And under the impact of the epidemic that started in 2020, the elimination of the fittest in the school uniform industry has accelerated, putting forward higher requirements for the hard strength of enterprises such as product power, brand power, channel power, marketing power, organisational power, innovation power and supply chain. The stronger the brand, the greater the competitive advantage of school uniform companies.

DESTINATION school uniforms enterprise, for nearly 500 domestic primary and secondary schools to successfully provide school clothing overall solutions, the head effect is remarkable. 2021 since, DESTINATION continues to lead the industry change, empowering small and medium-sized school uniforms enterprises to enhance anti-risk ability, explore new growth points, and ultimately break the competitive pattern, to achieve the sustainable development of the industry chain symbiosis and co-prosperity.

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